Carcinogenic source of daily drinking water

424133_400436556649257_1007771754_nThe study found that due to the addition of bleach as a disinfectant in tap water, it produced a number of harmful substances. If the long-term consumption it can actually cause cancer. Check the source of daily drinking water can cause cancer, do the daily life of cancer prevention ……
What is carcinogen
Carcinogenic substances derived from natural and man-made environments, under certain conditions, to induce cancer in humans and animal substances. Divided into three categories according to their origin: natural carcinogens, carcinogens generated during the processing of raw materials and synthetic carcinogens.
Several are carcinogenic accidentally drink, take a look and pay attention to that
1. Tap water carcinogenic
Researchers of Wisconsin Hospital and Harvard School of Public Health found that tap water added fungicide – bleach will release active chlorine, long-term drinking water with active chlorine, it is possible to induce bladder cancer and colorectal cancer, carcinogens is not bleach itself, but it is generated from the chemical pollutants in water and the role of some of the chlorine byproducts. Trihalomethanes are chlorine in water disinfection and sterilization process , the product of interaction with food waste and plankton and other organic matter in water. With the deterioration of water quality, put the amount of chlorine in tap water is also increasing, it played a major role in the manufacture of carcinogens.
2. Water Dispenser carcinogenic
The water dispenser at your side is  another carcinogen source. Studies have demonstrated that repeated boiling water will produce carcinogens nitrite. The public drinking dispenser rarely someone special  turn heating switch off. Drink water every day in this state, the body causing problems. The bottled water dispenser hot and cold water tank not wash within three months, it will make  large population of bacteria, viruses, precipitation residues, heavy metals and even sin raw red worms, serious harm to people’s health.

We sincerely wish you could choose right water filter product to avoid above Carcinogenic source, and keep health drinking habit.

How to do water purifier product promotion Well?

PrintPromotional activities is not only to increase sales of products, but also to promote their products, so that let more people understand seller’s own brand. How to do water purifier Promotion? There are the following three aspects:

First, the setting simple and easy to remember promotional content
Many water purifier dealer usually designing  the promotion content is very tedious , Purchasing Guide is not easy to grasp, customers also find it difficult to understand that such dealers think it is new promotional content. In fact, this would be counterproductive, Purchasing Guide are hard to figure out the promotional content, their explain the marketing efficiency will be compromised, if you talk to the customer solution over there are doubts, confidence and determination purchased will be affected, Thus, when designing promotional information should be easy to understand program of activities.

Second, strengthen the training skills of Purchasing Guide
Purchasing Guide in order to achieve quick turnover,it need to have some method , such as: understanding the customer’s buying motives, rapid turnover matters need attention, rapid turnover time, rapid turnover of methods, only with good sales techniques and methods in order to be well controlled and a good grasp of customers. Rapid turnover of sales skills is just one aspect, of course, Purchasing Guide familiarity with the water purifier promotional content is also very important if Purchasing Guide for water purifier promotional content is not very skilled in explaining the process, the shopping guide confidence  is insufficient, it is easy for the customer to produce a feeling afraid to trust, and ultimately it is very difficult to achieve large sales.

Third, a good grasp of the idea of ​​the customer
Customers buy something, often with a lot of concern, because the product is not familiar with the recommendation people not familiar, so to get customers to immediately deal, it must obtain the trust of customers, understand customer concerns By some measures to dispel the concerns of the customer problems, customer concerns resolved, not far away from the deal. Furthermore,it is to get the customer in so many water purifier brand and promotional activities can be determined order, promotional efforts must be achieved customer expectations, so be sure to design a good promotional efforts, this effort is the usual promotional difference of 10 points or so better, the key lies in the content of promotional packaging for customers to feel great efforts, is the most critical, if the price is really touched by real consumers feel very efforts,  this promotion is not a success, because the price is too low, the profit is too thin, poorly controlled, there will be a loss situation. Therefore, efforts must be on active promotional content packaging, the packaging looks very vigorous and able to attract the attention of customers, coupled with professional Purchasing Guide explains, finally reached sales.

These three aspects mastered believe you can do it with ease in the water purifier sales, create their own brand reputation in the crowd.

Continuous ultrafiltration technology introduction

UF Project 8Continuous ultrafiltration principle is under the external force, the separated solutino  flow along in a certain flow rate on the ultrafiltration membrane surface, the solvent and the solution of low molecular weight substances, inorganic ions from the high pressure side through the membrane into the low side, and as the filtered fuild is discharged; while the solution polymer material, such as colloidal particles and microorganisms are trapped by ultrafiltration membrane, the solution is concentrated and discharged . And with double wash through the air & water, air oscillation cleaning, backwashing, plus organic cleaning agents with various processes, to achieve the optimal line cleaning processes.

Continuous ultrafiltration process characteristics as follow:
1, the membrane separation process carried out at room temperature, no phase change, no secondary pollution, it is a highly efficient energy-saving separation purification technology.
2, Useful elements in water recycled.
3, recycled water can be reused, significantly reducing emissions of industrial waste water, even to zero emissions.

Continuous ultrafiltration technology  range of applications
The technology is applicable to wastewater treatment, urban water purification, reverse osmosis pretreatment and so on.

The Water Bottled factory equipment technology program instruction

DSC077601. Pretreatment process description :
The raw water pre-treatment , to improve the quality , so as to meet the requirements , reduce , delay membrane fouling , extend its life , the object which handles are mainly water microorganisms , bacteria , colloids , organics , heavy metals, solid particles and free chlorine. To meet the requirements of reverse osmosis inlet water , ensure long-term stable operation.

It consists of sand filters , carbon filters, water softener and security filter.
1.1 sand filter :
Filter out sediment, impurities, suspended solids, reducing raw water SDI ( pollution index density ) value.
1.2 carbon filter :
It has a dual role , first adsorption ; second is filtered . Filtered tap water chemistry organics, heavy metals, color, odor, chlorine , etc., to improve the taste .
1.3 softener :
Exchange resin by sodium cation exchange treatment , the raw water is removed from calcium and magnesium ions scaling , reduce the primary water hardness.
1.4 security filter :
PPF 1.5 micron filter to intercept the object is greater than 5 microns , to extend the life of the membrane.

2. Reverse osmosis unit : separation membrane pore size in 10-6cm-10-7cm, it can remove organic compounds in water ( such as trihalomethanes intermediates , colloids, suspended solids, microbes , bacteria , algae, mold , etc.) , heat , viruses, etc. substances, water which flow through the  three pretreatment part separation by RO membrane host deeply , so beneficial water for human health flow through , the water is not conducive for human health exclusion , desalination rate of 98% , to produce pure water entering into pure water tank ;

A good system is designed to ensure that the entire system within two years without replacement membrane elements ( service life depend on water quality) ; online conductivity indicator , ready to produce a dynamic display water quality status of water . High-pressure pump to provide water through the membrane operating pressure . Maintaining water production rate .

3 Control Function Description :
The system is changed according to the change of the high pressure, low pressure , liquid level, to reset the input signal switch, the actuator valve, high pressure pumps, valves and other flushing the corresponding output signal , to automatically control a standard RO system, pressure protection , level control , power on / full of water / automatic flushing function.

How to drink water scientifically in summer?

20140504225028d9397It is high temperatures in summer, the body of water consumption is large, the corresponding supplement  needs of the body water increase . So it must be reasonable and effective replenishment to ensure that human health, but how to take a lot of water , and in what ways ? Today let us have a good discussion of this topic to discuss .

People in daily lives to drink some water to supplement the body needs ,but there are pure water, mineral water, ionized water and other various names in the market, what kind of water is good to drink ?

The water treated by different techniques that have their own strengths , but also their shortcomings . Pure water does not contain any minerals and trace elements, short-term drinking will no big impact. However, if the long-term consumption , it will reduce the intake of minerals and trace elements . In addition, because pure water mineral salt content and hardness are close to zero , with a strong ability to dissolve , so it not only can not bring nutrition, but also the beneficial elements be dissolved in the body part . Over time, it will cause an imbalance in human nutrition , the body fluid electrolyte concentration reduce. People excessive drinking pure water may cause some micronutrient deficiencies .

Mineral water contains some trace elements people need, but also often contain harmful minerals. Nutrition experts recommend us: drink economical, convenient and has significant health effects nature water as well. It should be noted , when you boil the water and let cool , exposed to air , preferably not more than four hours , in case of water activity decreased . After boiling water cooling , water density , electrical conductivity , etc. have significantly changed , its biological activity is 4 to 5 times than the natural water , and this water easily through the cell membrane , it can promote metabolism.

it is reported that if people ‘s drinking water , there are about 300 milligrams per milliliter of medium levels of total dissolved solids , ie 15 milligrams per liter of water containing silica , cancer mortality rates will decline. In other words, the higher the water content of silicic acid drink , the less cancer rates .

it is also drinking a certain amount of water per day, for adults in approximately 2200 ml of water , obtained from the food to approximately 1000 ml , 1200 ml remaining need to drink supplement . But this is not absolute, the amount of water can be adjusted depending on the circumstances . As in a fever , you need to drink some more water when taking medication. If due to the large amount of exercise and excessive sweating, it can be added in an appropriate amount of  salt in the water.

Timely drinking water is also important. Most people are thirsty to drink water again , in fact, to a thirsty man , when the cells are in varying degrees of dehydration. At this metabolic disorders , toxins in the blood increased, decreased immunity , we should feel free to add moisture to the body , do not wait thirsty to drink .


Ultra-pure water using one stage reverse osmosis equipment, is it reasonable?

3T Ultra Pure Water RO Unit +EDI 1Ultra-pure water production equipment can meet industrial production needs, the electrical resistivity of output water has reached more than 18 megohms, it is almost free of any impurities. The main components of ultrapure water purification equipment is EDI module, but before that there is reverse osmosis device, which mainly ensure raw water to reach the  requirements for processing EDI device, so the device can protect EDI safety and stability of  operation. If the raw water quality is better, it use one stage reverse osmosis is entirely possible, but if the raw water quality is relatively poor, it need to use a two-stage reverse osmosis device for  EDI device protection. Ultra-pure water equipment used in several stage reverse osmosis system is mainly depend on raw water quality, before the design process equipment, it must be monitoring raw water quality, so you can design a suitable water purification equipment, it also avoids the device being unnecessary damage.

What is the UF membrane technology?

9102020Water purifier gone through many stages of development , there are many water purification methods , including not only physical methods , but also chemical methods. But the development of today’s household water purification equipment , basically using the same kind of works: ultrafiltration membrane filtration technology . This technique using extremely micron pore size filter membrane to filter out impurities which is larger than the pore size, in order to achieve water purification, it is currently the home water purification technology effectiveness and best cost . So ultrafiltration membrane water purifier how does it work?

The raw materials of the ultrafiltration membrane , it is primarily chemical compounds . Commonly used are PVC  membrane , PAN membrane , PVDF membrane variety . PVC membrane which  everyone is familiar with plastic membrane, and this membrane is currently used widely in the domestic water purifier, it is a relatively mature technology.  Its quality Stabilize , flexible, not easy to broken wires ; high filtration precision , easy to absorb water, rinse ; resistant to acid , alkali resistant , long service life.Other membrane such as PAN , PVDF membrane due to non-food -grade material , so the less useful.

Ultrafiltration membrane pore size can achieve a minimum nanometer ( ie 0.001 micron pore size ) , and almost all bacteria are larger than 100 nanometers ( 0.1 microns ) , an ultrafiltration membrane can filter out bacteria , and do not leave their bodies , and calcium , magnesium, potassium and other minerals beneficial which less than 10 nanometers in diameter , and it can go through ultrafiltration  membrane. The filtered water,contains beneficial minerals for the human body  , beneficial to human health, so now both domestic and abroad market, almost all manufacturers are using ultrafiltration membrane  to the production of household water purifiers.

This is the working principle of the ultrafiltration membrane , it  filtered out rust , sediment , organic molecules ( water, chlorine , etc. ) , such as viruses and bacteria , retention minerals and trace elements in water .


How to maintain household RO System usually

35Usually we use household RO System will inevitably encounter some mechanical failure , in this case how to repair the fault is a very troublesome time , RO System is an indispensable appliance , how to make it more good play performance, providing safe drinking water to protect people , this is a question we must now consider.

The failures and repairs of RO System to be brief instuction , the main issues include the following 13 points :
1 , Booster pump does not start ,it can not make water ;
2, the booster pump is working properly , but it can not be made ​​water
3 , booster pump can not stop
4, the booster pump shut down, but  the wastewater kept
5 , the pure water tank is full, but the machine restart again
6, the pure water tank is full , but  it can not  flow out of water
7, the pure water flow is not enough
8 , pipeline leak near the interface
9 , the machine running with abnormal noise
10 , RO System daily output is not enough
11 , no concentrated water discharge from pipes concentrated , purified water has same TDS values ​​as tap water,
12 , the machine does not work
13 , the filtered water has bad taste or odor , and why ?

1 , Booster pump does not start , it can not make water
◆ Check whether the power plug is plugged
◆ Check the low pressure switch is malfunctioning , it can not turn on the power
◆ Check the pump and transformer short circuit , or the whole line connection is incorrect
◆ Check the high pressure switch or water level controller is malfunctioning and can not reset
◆ Check the computer box is faulty ( refer Microcomputer )

2, the booster pump is working properly , it can not be made ​​water
◆ Booster pump lost pressure
◆ inlet valve is faulty ( if reversed )
◆ Pre- filter blockage ( no waste water or waste water is very small )
◆ check valve failure ( there is no waste water )
◆ automatic flush valve failure, can not be effectively closed ( has been in a flush state )
◆ computer box faulty solenoid valve can not close the recoil ( flushing has been in a state )
◆ RO membrane clogging

3 ,  Booster pump downtime
◆ lack of pump pressure ,it can not achieve the setting
◆ check valve plug, no pure water out
◆ high pressure switch failure, unable to take off

Although RO System is a relatively complex technical appliances, accurate understanding of its principles are still  difficulties , but the general maintenance of the technology is very easy to learn , just spotted the above items, it is not too difficult to repair

The importance that recording reverse osmosis equipment operating data

DSC07760The Pressure data in different locations of reverse osmosis equipment in the normal course of running , raw water and purified water conductivity , dense water and pure water flow is a manifestation of the system operating conditions , these data provide an important basis for judging equipment cartridge replacement and failure. Therefore , it is very important usually the accumulation of these parameters of the recording .

1 ,The pressure increase of  before and after the quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter response of its contaminated extent blocking, when the pressure difference before and after more than 0.03Mpa, sand media needed back washing , security filter cartridge needs to be replaced.

2 , The front pressure of RO reverse osmosis membrane is the driving force of the reverse osmosis process, when the pressure is higher than the normal operating pressure of 10% -15 % means that the membrane has been a certain degree of fouling , The water production and conductivity will be impacted. and it must be chemically cleaned.The differential Membrane front pressure and concentrated water pressure should be not too great, the product water side always avoid backpressure.

3 , The raw water and filtered water electric conductivity value can reflect the capacity desalination and product water quality , if desalination rate increases shows that the membrane contamination has occurred , or other system failure occurs .

4 , Concentrated water and pure water flow  is a direct reflection of the system water production rate , if water production rate reducing reflects the membrane fouling and other faults occur.

The importance of pretreatment

11, The importance of the pretreatment system

Reverse osmosis system includes raw water pretreatment, reverse osmosis equipment , post-processing etc three parts. RO systems  has its specific requirements for pretreatment of raw water. Since there are many types of raw water , its composition is very complex , for raw water quality conditions and requirements of the RO system recovery and other major process design parameters , select the appropriate pretreatment system to reduce pollution of RO membrane plugging , fouling , prevent RO membrane desalination , water production rate is reduced, especially for at  present the growing scarcity of water , deteriorating water quality , select a certain pretreatment system will directly affect the function of the entire water system. As we all know , RO system run fails, in most cases due to imperfections caused by pre-treatment system function . To ensure proper reverse osmosis process , the raw water must be strictly pretreatment.

2 Water source of reverse osmosis system

There are  many different types of reverse osmosis raw water , a variety of natural water , municipal water and industrial wastewater. Natural water including surface water and groundwater . A wide range of surface water , including rivers, lakes , reservoirs and oceans . Groundwater is present in the soil and rock from rain and surface water seepage through the bottom of the formation . Municipal Second grade sewage, industrial waste water power plant cooling water will become the new source. Water source will directly affect the choice of determining the cost of water treatment and water treatment processes .

3 , Pretreatment purposes

The reverse osmosis membrane performance degradation main factors :

( 1 ) membrane chemical degradation , such as aromatic polyamide damaged by such as chlorine and acid and alkali etc ;                                                                                                     ( 2 ) the membrane surface fouling by insoluble salts ;                                                                 ( 3 ) membrane fouling by water suspended solids, colloidal  ;                                                      ( 4 ) membrane by microorganisms, such as bacteria and algae adhesion, resulting in the erosion of the membrane fouling and degradation ;                                                                      ( 5 ) organic molecules on the membrane fouling and small organic molecules adsorbed by membrane.      RO system efficiency service life is closely related to the original water pretreatment effect , the purpose of pretreatment is reducing membrane fouling , scaling, injury to a minimum, so that the system water production , desalination , recovery and operating costs optimization. Thus , pretreatment for RO good long-term safe operation of the device is important .

The purpose subdivided into :                                                                                                           ( A ) to remove the suspended solids , turbidity reduced ;                                                           ( 2 ) control the growth of microorganisms ;                                                                                    ( 3 ) inhibiting the deposition and control sparingly soluble salts ;                                               ( 4 ) water temperature and PH adjustments:                                                                                 ( 5 ) removal of organic matter :                                                                                                       ( 6 ) precipitating metal oxide and silicon control .