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NYC Unveils First Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled Coulomb Technologies’ first public ChargePoint® electric vehicle charging station recently at the Edison ParkFast parking lot at 451 Ninth Avenue.

This charging station is first on New York City’s installation schedule of more than 100 stations throughout the five boroughs. The development, installation and maintenance of these stations will create hundreds of jobs in New York City and provide the foundation for adoption of electric vehicles.

Coulomb Technologies’ $37 million ChargePoint® America program provides electric vehicle charging infrastructure to nine regions across the United States. Coulomb Technologies is funded by grants from the Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission. Major automobile makers, Ford, Chevrolet and Smart USA, have announced plans to introduce electric vehicles in New York in the following months. Edison ParkFast will be charging electric vehicles for free for the next 30 days.